Julia Hollander

Name: Julia Hollander
Job Title: Quality & Compliance Manager

My favourite word in the English language is…

What is your favourite breed of dog?
Border Collie

If you were a cocktail what would you be?
Whiskey Sours, it’s to the point and what you see is what you get. 

What their colleagues have to say about working with them every day…

“Julia is another 2021 success story. We met Julia as a candidate seeking employment in the UK after an incredibly brave and exciting choice to leave South Africa and move permanently to the UK to be closer to family! From the get-go we knew Julia was a natural go-getter! Julia had worked for another family-run SME in Cape Town for the past 3 years, which she described “without any exaggeration” to be the “the best years of her life”. Fitting seamlessly into our company culture, we just know that Julia will lead our Talented Team to Exceed Expectations Everytime! Julia has a wealth of experience implementing quick response times in line with SLAs. Julia is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to operations and administration, and she’s played a fundamental role in designing and implementing many new internal processes!”

– Theo Kirk | Director