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There I was, wrapped up in a scarf, jacket and hat, feeling like my hands might fall off while I tried to skip to the next song in my “LET'S DO THIS” Spotify playlist.

The Thursday morning psyche came upon me, for the penultimate day of the week, getting my power strut on to the beat of Queen’s ”I Want to Break Free” and telling myself you’re fabulous. “Hakuna Matata” is the moto of the week, their worries are flying out of their minds, because let’s be honest, they are bloomin’ marvellous!

You don’t do this? Oh, just me then... a bit of personal reinforcement and positive mental attitude does me the world of good on a horribly rainy morning near the end of the week. I’ll be honest with you, sometimes it doesn’t always carry on for the rest of the day, but at least I’ve given it a good go.

However, Thursday morning I was lucky. After grabbing a cheeky Thursday Nero coffee (a caramel latte none the less), I sat at my desk, fired up the computer and checked my emails. Looking within the inbox, I found a lovely little email from ‘The Three Best Rated’.

Low and behold, before me I saw an email, informing me that Express Recruitment has been ranked in the Top Three Best Recruitment Agencies in Nottingham for the second year in a row! 

Was I surprised? No, of course not, I know we give a fabulous service to both clients and candidates, however being able to see this written plainly for all to see, still gave me that excited feeling like a child when they receive their first gold star. The hard work that my excellent colleagues put in, day in day out has been recognised on the World Wide Web for all to see. So here’s a little brag from me to all of you, my day’s already been made and that positive mental attitude will continue throughout the day because you know what?

My colleagues are awesome and it’s fabulous to see that it has been recognised for all to know!

If you require support with your recruitment process, whether it be permanent or temporary… give our talented team of specialist consultants a call TODAY on 0115 924 0010 (Nottingham) or 01332 646 407 (Derby)!

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