Why a Job in Engineering?

If you’re looking to progress into the world of engineering, you probably already know the process can be strenuous – whether you are battling to keep your grades up to standard, or putting in the hours on your apprenticeship – it’s often difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But the light is most definitely there and it’s brighter than you might expect. Engineers, whether they are mechanically or electrically biased, have some of the highest entry level salaries in the country. The job market in the East Midlands is flourishing due to the World leading organisations based here and the job market isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

This article explains the main reasons the experts here at Express Recruitment think engineering is a great sector to forge a career in.

A whole range of options

The Engineering sector covers such a vast area of society today, from the production of the food you eat to the manufacturing of the chip in your PC, which gives someone looking to get into the community a huge variety of options when trying to narrow down which part of engineering they’d like to progress within. Express Recruitment regularly recruit for positions within fabrication/welding, skilled machinists, maintenance engineers, design engineers, applications engineers, HSEQ positions, project management and higher level management roles.

With so many choices, if you have a logical and practical mind and with the correct application, you will find a position that suits you.


From working with engineering companies over the many years, we can confidently assert that organisations in the engineering sector invest a lot of time and effort into the progression of their loyal employees. From the age of 16 as an early apprentice, most Express clients are prepared to sponsor study time for candidates to gain qualifications such as a HND in a relevant discipline.


As mentioned above, the process into the world of engineering takes a lot skill, determination and in some cases, have the capacity to undertake shift working. This process, although on occasion not glamourous, is incredibly rewarding in terms of salary offered.


Engineering doesn’t limit you to one particular location. Being an engineer allows you to work near enough anywhere! Nearly everywhere in the world there is a need for engineers, so you’re definitely not tied down. Many roles that we recruit for, involve working on projects overseas, we have had engineers this year in all across the UK, Australia, the USA, Mexico and South Africa.

Professional working environment

It’s essential for engineers to maintain a constant thirst for knowledge in order to keep up to date with current rules and regulations. For this reason alone, the engineering sector is one of the most professional work environments out there. You’re not working in a typical office type setting, so the form of professionalism is critical to keeping everyone safe on the job. However, the comradeship felt in workshops and on sites lead to one of the highest ratings of job satisfaction.


Whether you're looking for an Engineering Graduate, a Toolmaker, Welder or Fabricator, Project Manager or even an Engineering Manager role - we have a large selection of engineering vacancies for a range of different skillsets.

Take a look at our Engineering Jobs page to see if there’s any vacancies that appeal to you.

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