New Year, New Me, New Job

It’s 12.01am on the 1st of January 2020. The New Year has begun. The celebrations are underway! You’ve had a wonderful night, you’ve chinked your champagne flutes with all insight, eaten numerous snack size sausages rolls and even given your beloved a classy, yet slightly intoxicated, snog. Jools Holland’s Hootenanny has been the soundtrack to the evening and you’re feeling all loved with the year to come. There is excitement in the air, there is elation, but most of all, there is hope. The next day, #NewYearNewMe features on your Instagram post of last night’s fun, whilst you contemplate what is waiting for you beyond the horizon of 2019.


We’ve all been there. The prospect of getting yourself together in the New Year, whether that be through a new diet, exercise regime, or even spending more time with your family and loved ones, is what dreams are made of. And as such, one of the most popular routes of feeling self-empowered and self-improved is through changing your employment or even your job role.


Before Christmas you may have felt as though you were feeling a little lost in your current role, maybe even in a small rut; struggling to get the progress you want, at the rate you want it. As such, a new year calls for new ventures, new opportunities and new roles, and that calls for us at Express! We’ll  blow the cobwebs off your dusty CV, making it glisten and shine like the outrageous tinsel your Nan’s put around all the family photo frames at Christmas, helping you show any new prospective employer how bloomin’ marvellous you are! Your new and exciting role, with excellent career progression and future prospects is awaiting you, and we can help you get it!


We say this as if it’s an easy and simple task. However, we, better than anyone, understand that it’s not. The job application process can be long, arduous, and simply something that few people enjoy. But never fear, we’re here to help!


If you give us a call, we’ll start walking you through or registration process. We’ll meet you face to face, talk about your work history, qualifications and future aspirations, ensuring that we can find you your perfect role. Our large client base and positive candidate testimonials, only provide further reinforcement to our outstanding recruitment capabilities and highly reputable business presence. If you are anywhere in the East Midlands and are looking for a new role, do not hesitate to call, we pride ourselves for being a recruitment agency that really does care for its candidates.

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