George Heritage AIRP

Name: George Heritage AIRP
Job Title: Senior Commercial, Sales & Marketing Specialist

My favourite word in the English language is…

What is your favourite breed of dog?
The Jack Russell… I’ve always had them since the day I was born!

If you were a cocktail what would you be?
I’ll take a pint ‘o’ ale please!

What their colleagues have to say about working with them every day…

“George is just as likely to be seen jetting off to a site meeting with a valued client, as he is getting hands on searching for his client’s elusive perfect candidate. With 5 years of ‘Express’ recruitment experience under his belt, George is able to flex his intimate knowledge of the local talent to provide an efficient, friendly and personal approach to our clients! George is a local Economics graduate (we won’t hold it against him!), meaning that although his business acumen could be put to use calculating the bill at a local Nottingham watering hole, he comes in far more handy supporting our clients on Express Recruitment’s thriving Commercial desk.”

– Alex Churchman-Davies | Tech Recruitment Specialist