Meet The Team

Company Petretaries


Winnie - meet the team

Job Title: Chief Employee Relations Doggo


Job Title: Head of Barketing

Management Team

Lesley Beauchamp

Job Title: Managing Director

Charlie Beauchamp

Job Title: Director

Theo Kirk

Job Title: Director

Julia Hollander

Job Title: Quality & Compliance Manager

Callum Dickinson

Job Title: Commercial Recruitment Manager

Alex Kean

Job Title: Technical Recruitment Manager

Specialist Recruitment Consultants

Ben Smith

Job Title: Senior European Sales
& Marketing Recruitment Specialist

Laura Meyrick

Job Title: Call Centre & Customer Care
Recruitment Specialist

Kyle Butterworth

Job Title: Professional Services Recruitment Specialist

Charley Tazey

Job Title: Temporary Recruitment Specialist

Luke Marshall

Job Title: Engineering Recruitment Specialist

Macauleigh Macvickas

Job Title: Tech & IT Recruitment Specialist

Jessica Moore

Job Title: Dedicated Talent Consultant

Ella Mossop

Job Title: Candidate Consultant

Business Support Team

Claire Haywood

Job Title: Admin Lead & PA to Directors

Louise Flood

Job Title: Accounts Controller

Polly Oakes

Job Title: Digital Marketing Executive

Courtney Brindley

Job Title: Recruitment Assistant

Jess Dyer

Job Title: Recruitment Assistant