Minimum wage increase for employees

Following a recent announcement from the Government, the National Living Wage and Minimum Wage are set to increase from April 1st 2023.

How much is the National Minimum Wage increasing to in 2023?

Though changes will be across the board for all age groups, the most significant wage increase is the one for anyone aged between 21 – 22 with a 10.9% increase, going from £9.18 per hour to £10.18 per hour.

Below is a table of all of the changes for each age group:

Age GroupCurrent National Minimum Wage in 2022National Minimum Wage for 2023
The rate for Apprentices*£4.81£5.28
Under 18s£4.81£5.28
18 – 20 years old£6.83£7.49
21 – 22 years old£9.18£10.18
Over 23 years old£9.50£10.42

* Please note: the National Minimum Wage for Apprentices is only applicable to those in their first year.

When is the National Minimum Wage increasing?

The National Minimum Wage is set to increase in the new financial year of 2023 and all employees will have to be on the new minimum hourly wage of their age range from April 1st 2023.

Our team are working hard to ensure that all of clients affected by this change will be informed prior to April 1st to ensure that all their employees are on National Minimum Wage. If you have any questions about this in the run up to the new financial year, give our Compliance & Temporary Recruitment Manager, Julia, a call on 0115 924 0010.

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