The ‘Express’ way to get hired

Are you wanting to get out of your current role or ready to take a leap and start a new challenge? Here’s what you need to do to get hired quickly and efficiently:

Register with a local recruitment agency

The most efficient way to get hired fast is to get someone else to start looking for you! Here at Express we will help you find a role that is relevant to your experience, local to your area and will accommodate your needs – what could possibly be more effective than another pair of eyes searching for jobs for you! Express have a direct line and an established relationship with some of the top employers in the East Midlands. The best part about registering with us is there is no cost to any of our candidates.

Tailor your CV

One of the most important ways to get an employer’s attention is ensuring that your CV has relevance to the role that you are interested in. Every role and every company are different one way or another, so a generic CV will not necessarily pinpoint the right skills and show the employer that you are right for their role. Make sure you research the company, review the job specification, and make sure your skills correlate to what that company are looking for. As part of our recruitment process, we will help you make your CV stand out from the rest!

Set up a LinkedIn profile – and use it!

LinkedIn is a social platform primarily used for business, networking and recruitment. Therefore, this is the perfect online tool to network with local businesses. Set yourself up a profile with up-to-date employment and qualification experience and start connecting with businesses in your desired sector. The Express team are active users on LinkedIn too, so how about connect with our consultants. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – you can find opportunities with us easily and in no time at all.

Attend networking events

The best way to get yourself known in the world of work is to get involved with networking opportunities. Research industry-lead networking events in your local area and get yourself registered. It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know and who you meet. Who knows, you might even bump into the Express dream team along the way.

Consider temporary employment 

One of the most efficient ways to get employed fast is to start a temporary role. There are so many benefits to working in temporary employment, including new skill development, further networking opportunities, covering career gaps and of course getting hired fast! There are many roles that also turn into permanent opportunities, and so temporary contracts can be invaluable experience.

We have plenty of temporary and permanent roles available at this busy time of the year. Why don’t you call a member of our Temporary Division today on 0115 924 0010 or 01332 646407 to start your new Express recruitment journey!

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