5 tips to boost your chance of securing a training contract – a fresh approach!

There are countless blogs, articles and forums telling you how to perfect that all important application (or in most cases several applications) on a do or die basis. So, instead of adding to an already vast array of overwhelming content, we thought we’d take a different approach.

If you were lucky enough to secure, and even excel, in your summer vacation scheme, securing that all important training contract before you even began the perils of final year study, then congratulations. You’ve smashed it.

However, if you’ve already finished, or are about to finish uni, but still feel no closer to finding your first legal role, then read on – we can help.

 1. To self-fund or not self-fund?

Here of course, we’re talking about the Legal Practice Course (LPC). The final vocational, yet academic stage, before the all-important training contract can commence.

Before you even consider self-funding it is imperative that you’re certain this is the career for you. A self-funded LPC is both expensive and challenging, and should by no means be used as an excuse to allow you to spend your Tuesday nights in the Student’s Union, drinking cheap lager for another year (even if those £2.50 pints are delicious!)

If you are completely certain and have the financial means and motivation to work hard during your continued studies, then there can be many benefits to self-funding your LPC studies.

For example, many small firms will only take trainees who have already completed the LPC, and if you are looking for Paralegal roles (as discussed in point 2) having an LPC can sometimes help you with these applications too!

Finally, it is important to note that before signing up to LPC studies, and potentially adding thousands to your student debt, you will want to do a lot more research than reading a few short blogs. Take your time, it is a big decision.

 2. Apply for Paralegal positions

Undertaking a Paralegal role can be a great step for aspiring Solicitors for many reasons.

Many firms hire Law Graduates with LLBs, GDLs, LPCs, BPTCs, and any other relevant educational acronyms, into Paralegal roles.

As a Paralegal, you will get a great insight into one or more areas of Law, getting practical experience of how a firm of Solicitors operates, how cases are managed, and ultimately what the job of a Solicitor actually looks like. It is even possible that after a suitable period of time, your employer will offer you a training contract, and before you know it, the fresh faced paralegal is admitted to the role of Solicitor!

Even if this doesn’t happen, gaining some paid experience within a Law firm can only be beneficial. Right? Right.

 3. Give temping a go

Temporary contracts are great for a number of reasons, and Aspiring Solicitors are no exception.

You’re a recent LLB Graduate, you’re unsure on whether you want to pursue a career in Law, why not try a temporary contract?

Whether the temp role is a Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Secretary or Receptionist, any role that allows experience of the day to day operations of a Law firm will help you decide whether you something you want to pursue.

Equally, maybe you are sure. Maybe being a solicitor is all you’ve ever wanted and nothing will change your mind. Getting a temp job in a Law Firm will not only enhance any future job applications, but also help build your network of professionals, which we all know is a great thing.

Employers, this bit’s for you!

If you are a hiring manager within a Law Firm and happen to be reading this article, whilst searching the internet for a candidate worthy of your temporary cover, Law Graduates can be great for this.

Most recent Graduates are highly computer literate, and due to the competitive job market will usually work extremely hard for you in the attempt to aid their chances of getting permanent employment, or even just to get that glowing reference!

We at Express Recruitment are renowned for helping Employers find fantastic candidates for these positions, why not register a vacancy with us here?

 4. Keep busy

Whilst it might seem like a good idea to sit in your bedroom, hunched over a laptop, regurgitating the same reasons why a Firm should consider you for a training contract, there are unsurprisingly other productive ways to get the same result!

Volunteer: Make no mistake, gaining unpaid experience shadowing Solicitors and Barristers is extremely valuable, however, other forms of volunteering can make a difference too.

Work: You might think working at your local pub or supermarket won’t help your applications, but it certainly wouldn’t do any harm. Employers in any industry like to see that you’re a loyal and hard worker, and even still, that little bit of extra money can’t be too bad, can it?

5. Don’t give up!

Just because you haven’t secured a training contract within five minutes of walking out of your last exam, is doesn’t mean you never will! In fact, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, and if you follow some of the previous tips you’ll still be in employment, gaining valuable skills and experiences that will inevitably help you in the future. 

Time for action:

This is the bit where we can directly help! Check out our live vacancies, click, apply and await a call from one of our specialist consultants. Our legal department is always looking to speak with talented Graduates seeking career opportunities within the East Midlands, and maybe, just maybe, that one click could be the start of your journey to your dream qualification.

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