Recruitment: Before & After the Internet

The internet. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a phenomenon that touches each and every one of us on a daily basis. Whether it be reading Claire from around the corner’s status updates about her ongoing battle with her phone provider, getting your weekly email from your great uncle Stan who is only just mastering a keyboard, or ordering your new little Black Dress ready for Friday’s Tinder date, the internet is an epidemic that we have all been engulfed by.

When we think of the impact of the internet we all automatically think of social media, #hashtags, selfies, next day delivery and convenient dinner! However, the world of recruitment, like most business sectors, has adapted to coexist with this technical revolution (even though its results constantly spark heavy debates, we really do believe it has helped our industry for the better)!

It has enabled our recruitment to flow… aiding the consultant, client and candidate to communicate with ease, developing healthy long standing relationships!


The internet will always be heralded a success for how it enables us to communicate quickly and efficiently, and nothing embodies this better than the creation of the email.

We can magically send letters over to contacts all over the world who can receive them in seconds. Without the use of a homing pigeon or owl?! What is this glorious feature! And better still, we can receive immediate replies rather than waiting days for the next blue moon!

The busy world of recruitment benefits from this wonderful development. We can inform individuals of exciting new vacancies and send sensational candidate information to clients within a number of minutes! The internet enables us to meet our crucial 1 hour turnaround on permanent vacancies and 30 minute turnaround on temporary bookings.

Emails bounce back and forth faster than a 5 year old on a trampoline after inhaling enough sugar to feed a baby elephant, ensuring that we can help clients find their ideal employees and candidates find their dream job before you can say “Express”!


These technological developments are not just limited to our emails. Without our website we would lack our fabulous commercial identity, as well as having no way to frame our exciting opportunities.

Not only does the new world enable us to shout from the rooftops about how our commitment to quality sets us apart from our competition, the placements from our Technical Division also makes up 20% of our business. Looking for a talented IT or Web Specialist for your business? Call our Technical Division NOW!

Our website, LinkedIn profiles and Social Media pages, make it quick and easy to search our jobs and apply for our roles, making the process as quick, easy and efficient as possible.

Gone are the days of the paper applications, gone is the need for you to drive your horse and cart in to hand us your CV. The new age of paperless, tree-saving applications is upon us, let us rejoice in this exciting venture!

#Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our second to none client retention rate, boasting excellent reviews and recommendations from both our clients and candidates. The internet provides a platform for everyone to express their views and help boost our reputation!

Whenever anyone walks through our metaphorical internet-based doors, we want to make sure they are happy with our recruitment process, from start to finish.

Nobody in business has an unlimited amount of hours in the day… who has time for a paper survey? Exactly! Express your feedback from the comfort of your own home, on your deliciously snugly couch.

When leaving us a review or sending us feedback, you help us ensure that every single person in contact with our business is always provided with the best possible service. Without the internet we wouldn’t have access to as many resources to enable us to tailor our service to suit you!


The internet was not called the “World Wide Web” for nothing. This exceptional, superfluous and omniscient contraption enables us to research any forthcoming clients or roles. As such, whether it be; build a more in-depth understanding of a client’s business, map an exact journey for candidates from door to door, or get to know our client’s a little bit more from the infamous ‘Meet the Team’ page… we can analyse the suitability of a candidate to a vacancy and ensure we find a match made in heaven.

In having the ability to research vacancies and companies (quickly!), we can ensure our candidates continue to build successful careers in an ever-changing world.  It is crystal clear that the internet has worked wonders for our business, our clients, our candidates and our industry.

For us, leaving the dark ages of pre-internet recruitment and entering into the light of technology enables us to deliver high quality results as quickly as possible. With this in mind, thank you for making it all the more possible for our talented people finding talented people.  

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