Gold dust candidates, right? Trying to find someone for a niche role can be a nightmare. Do you feel yourself scrapping with your competitors trying to recruit to the same roles? Suddenly your gold dust candidate becomes tarnished copper and you’re back at stage one.

Do not fear, Express is here! We want to provide you with a step by step guide to our services, and how we can aid you in your search to find an engineer, but without the hassle and time.

1)How we can help you

Time is money! Don’t waste yours headhunting candidates.

Any candidate can present themselves to have the right skillset, let us investigate the truth behind the CV!

So… why are Express Recruitment engineering specialists?

Step 1: Initial Contact

Trolling through job boards, LinkedIn pages and CV profiles is enough to make anyone reminisce about the day before the vacancy even existed. Oh the happiness they still embodied.

Finding candidates is no small task, especially if you have little to no training on how to search methodically and efficiently.

Luckily for you, our consultants are trained in the most effective way to search, being able to source even the hardest candidates to find and make contact with them in just a couple of hours. They will go through the initial conversations, establishing contact, and discovering whether the individual is looking for work at all; or whether Dave the heavily experienced Welder has just left his CV online for the last 2 years, simply because he’s forgotten his log-in details and apparently his old school phone doesn’t have the capabilities necessary!

Stage 2: Understanding Capabilities

We know that you only want to meet relevant candidates (and we understand why!).

If this be the case, and we trust the judgments of the CIPD, then recruitment processes are one of the key ways forward in a Brexit Britain. In organisations planning for the future, the recruitment process will become ever more important and will need due care and attention place upon it.

Our specialist Engineering Consultant will endeavour to meet all potential candidates for an in-depth registration, ensuring and in-depth understanding of the candidate’s skills, knowledge and experience within your field, as well as qualifying their pipeline, availability and motivations. Express Recruitment will only provide you with candidates who we really think fit the bill, bringing into consideration not only your role, but your company’s culture, and saving you the hassle.

Stage 3: Ensuring Commitment

Commitment is a word many people cannot comprehend! Perhaps a ‘commitment-phobe’ who struggles to commit to your weekend shift patterns… we’ve all met a “Barry the Bottler”. Nothing is more frustrating than talking to a candidate, getting excited about their prospects and boasting to your colleagues that you’ve found ‘the one’! Next thing they’ve cancelled their job acceptance, leaving your vacancy like a hole in the head. Empty. Your ideas shattered, your smile gone and most depressingly, your time wasted. Our Engineering guru, Alex, comes in like superman, cape waving in the wind, with a committed CAD Technician of your dreams! We want to share the real gold dust with you, the candidates who are ready and waiting to undertake an interview at the drop of a hat!

Stage 4: Knowledge of the Candidate

Express Recruitment have spent 32 years embedding a culture of honesty and as such are transparent. This is a two way game, and our clever techniques result in our candidates telling us what makes them tick! We don’t put square Engineers in round holes. This never works out. If Mr CNC Machinist feels backed into a corner and pushed into accepting a role, the likelihood is, he won’t last the rebate period! Our ongoing communication with our candidates ensures they are excited and in the loop, as are our clients!

2) Our Advice for you

Advice 1: Communicating with Candidates

A common theme amongst today’s top engineering talent is their motivations to be on the market, often a desire for career development and progression within the workplace. Remember – it’s not all about money! Candidates are far more open to opportunities that welcome career development within the Engineering sector. Nobody wants to feel that they are stuck at the bottom of the career ladder, with no rungs left to stand on, and as such nowhere to go. We will always provide a true picture to you. Not every company can commit to a high starting salary, but good progression opportunities might just give you the edge! Showcasing the perks of a job cab make all the difference when attracting top talent and we can make sure your perks are heard. We’re the sales professionals, leave it to us, and we’ll leave the tricky technical bits to you!

Advice 2: Interview processes

Striking while “the iron is hot” and “do it now” are some philosophies that we live by within Express Recruitment. Keeping the perfect candidate interested throughout a lengthy process is paramount!  

Lengthy processes do not end well, candidate’s may often favour a company favour a company that has been smart and carried out their two stage interview process in a matter of days (or hours!). 

The stats do the talking – snappier interviews are key to getting those deals over the line! Show your applicant just how invested you are in them joining you organisation. Our Engineering Specialist Alex will only source relevant candidates for our roles, enabling you access to the best market insight you could ask for. Call today on 0115 9240010 and let us fill your next vacancy!

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