Why now is a great time to think about changing jobs…

In the past year, we’ve seen unemployment levels soar with many businesses feeling the effects of the pandemic. With this comes the uncertainty in whether it’s the right time to either be changing careers or advancing in your career by searching for better opportunities.

If a recruiter contacted you about an amazing opportunity, would you want to know more? Here’s why now is a great time to be taking those first bold steps towards a better future.

Candidate Driven Market

Here at Express Recruitment, we like to feel as though we have our fingers on the pulse of the Employment market in the East Midlands (we have been active within it since 1987 after all). Although you may see figures quoted in the news of rising unemployment rates, we have seen an increase in roles based on the 1st quarter of 2021 over the same period in 2020 & 2019 and number of roles taken on the books has more than tripled since Quarter 2 of 2020.

It is true, some sectors are heavily affected, and that has been well publicised. This may well lead to caution when looking for new work and feeling as though you may be best to play it safe and “ride out the storm” until times look better. However, this new world has had some big winners too. If you are currently feeling unhappy at work, there are plenty of new employers out there with explosive growth plans.

In skilled roles, in 2021 Express Recruitment have found that candidates will, in fact, have more interviews than they may have done previously. In some cases, a candidate will have multiple offers, potentially allowing a stronger negotiating position than in “usual times” where there are more candidates on the market than roles.

Finding Your Next Career with Express

Although changing careers is a daunting journey, we are here to help. Our expert team are there to guide you through those first crucial steps towards a better future.

Here at Express Recruitment, we pride ourselves in our 20 steps process, ensuring our clients and candidates find the perfect fit. Our Consultants specialise in a range of industries from Engineering and I.T to Sales and Marketing with everything in between.

With over 30 years in business, we recognise what employers are seeking in a candidate. If you are currently in a job but you’re undecided, sign up with us and let’s see how we can help you.  You are not obligated to accept any role that it doesn’t suit you, but you never know what our Consultants may be able to pull out of the bag.

The way we see it, there is never a ‘right’ time to switch careers but it’s also never too late to grow and develop in your skills. So, the question is this, why continue in a job that doesn’t fulfil you when you could begin a career that does?

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