Team Spotlight: Meet our ‘Smooth Operator’

Our people are truly at the heart of everything we do which is why we have decided to give you an insight into what their roles are and let you meet them a little more personally!

Today we’re shining the spotlight onto Julia, and her journey so far with Express Recruitment…

Julia Hollander – Quality & Compliance Manager

Julia joined the Express family in March 2021, after making an incredibly brave decision to permanently move from South Africa to the UK to be closer to family. Though Julia has only been part of Express for a short amount of time, she already begun to make changes to our processes.

Continue reading to find out how Julia’s holistic approach on operations and administration helps Express Recruitment to run smoothly.

What is Julia’s role on a day-to-day basis?

Julia is our ‘go-to’ woman when it comes to ensuring our excellent standards of service are maintained. On a day-to-day basis, you will find Julia:

  • Reviewing candidates’ legal documents, ensuring these are compliant and in-line with government regulations.
  • Conducting internal audits on both Express Recruitment’s systems and processes, ensuring ultimate efficiency, and overseeing that the entire team are following the correct procedures.
  • Completing administration tasks such as reviewing job adverts and CVs before they are sent out, ensuring the high standards of Express Recruitment are met every time.

What was one thing that surprised Julia about working at Express Recruitment?

Starting a job remotely can be extremely nerve wracking, but Julia was pleasantly surprised how welcoming the entire team were. She quickly noticed how dedicated and passionate everyone is about their roles which is refreshing!

What’s Julia’s go-to productivity/motivational trick when she’s having a busy day?

When you’re having a busy day, it’s easy to get side-tracked and dabble in each task as it feels like you’re doing more. Julia recommends you stay calm and focus on one task at a time! There is no point in worrying about a million things at once as it will only lead to more stress and less productivity.

Prioritisation is the key to managing your workload. When you’ve been given a large workload, rate each task on the level of urgency and importance and plan your ‘to-do’ list from there. By prioritising your workload, you are able to structure your time more efficiently.

Our team are currently going through an exciting time of growth and are always on the look out for passionate and enthusiastic people to join our team based in Nottingham.

We offer a fantastic range of benefits within an industry where no two days are the same (please excuse the cliché!)

If you would like to join our talented team, please send us your CV and cover letter to jobs@

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