5 Reasons why you SHOULD get an Office Dog!

Express Recruitment wouldn’t be the same without our Chief Employee Relations Doggo Winnie, and all of the other dogs that gracefully prance through the doors every week! There are 100s! So why are our Recruitment Consultants so ‘doggy daft’…?

1. Supports staff wellbeing

Feeling stressed in the office? Multiple international studies have proven that office dogs reduce workplace stress! There are fewer things more therapeutic than stroking a dog!

Office dogs will also promote taking mental breaks, 5 minutes of 121 time with a dog can refresh your mind in the middle of a complicated problem solving task!

It’s hard to think negatively when you have a happy little face (and a wagging tail) looking up at you.

2. Promotes team bonding

Like with the ‘stress tests’, there are also international studies reviewing social interactions amongst colleagues (and dogs). Let’s face it – having a dog in the office is a talking point!

Canines are companions! Dog friendly companies promote an open culture, sending positive vibes of openness and flexibility!

The social engagement that comes from all that ‘dog talk’ opens up the office culture, and makes it an all-round positive environment to work in…. improving mutual trust and approachability!

3. Improves productivity levels

Considerable research has been carried out in UK offices, all of which boast pro-office dog statistics around workplace productivity!

It’s not a complex equation; healthy workplace trust and communication trumps workplace stress! Consequently improving staff morale and reducing workplace absenteeism!

4. Promotes fresh air & daily exercise!

Too busy for lunch? Didn’t have time to go out? Didn’t want to miss that urgent phone call? Didn’t want to lose that competition? Yeah yeah we’ve heard it all before! We all know that some colleagues choose to sit at their desk all day without a break….

But the truth is, nobody wants to upset a dog (or put their foot in something stinky!). As a result, the dog needs to go outside, so the desk-bound colleague goes with them! Working in a dog friendly office is the perfect excuse for a short healthy walk.

Exercise in turn improves health, wellbeing, cognitive function and stress!

5. Great Marketing tool

Any avid Instagrammer’s will follow at least one of the famous furries! Chihuahua’s with overbites, photogenic Frenchies, Doxies with wheels…. and canine global explorers? So why not Office Dogs!

Use your canine colleagues to promote your company culture through the use of social media and digital platforms! Dogs can be mascots too!

Our commitment to DOGS….

Express Recruitment was founded by our current MD, Lesley Beauchamp, in October 1987. Alongside a highly reputable Recruitment Agency, Lesley and her husband have a second passion…. their charity ‘Lanzarote Dog Rescue UK’! Our Director’s aim is to raise funds to improve the quality of life in a Dog Sanctuary on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, known as ‘SARA Protectora’. Lesley and Rick currently re-house a minimum of 15 dogs per year in the UK. Lesley regularly brings dogs to the office to get to know the staff, and improve their trust in humans in preparation for their new lives.

Since our Directors began this incredible work in 2009, they have successfully found forever homes in the UK for well over 120 dogs (including our Employee Relations Doggo Winnie), some of which they have kept as their own loving pets. Not only will they find these loyal animals a loving home, but they will also ensure they have a passport, vaccinations, are neutered, and flea free!

The Express Recruitment team partake in a “dress down Friday” once a month, where they will each donate money to this crucial cause. Alongside this, some our team choose to partake in additional Charity Events, such as; fun runs, marathons, and any other sponsored activities!

How can you save one of our deserving dogs, or donate to our cause?

Simple – give our friendly team a call at the Nottingham office, on 0115 9240010!

Lesley is always on hand to share her in-depth knowledge of each of her rescue dogs in preparation of finding a perfectly suited forever home in the UK, she is happy to receive sensible dog enquiries via Lesley@ anytime!

Please check out our Charity, visit

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