Career Advice: How to stay positive when searching for a new job

We’ve all been there. Searching for a new job is not an easy process and searching for the RIGHT job is even more difficult. Whether you’re sifting through multiple jobs or meticulously tailoring your CV to each role, you can often find yourself in an ‘never-ending’ loop feeling like there’s nothing out there that’s right for you.

We are here to tell you that’s simply not true! If you are currently unhappy in your role or are looking for a new challenge within your career, here’s our top tips on how to stay positive whilst hunting for a new job.

1. Focus on the things you CAN control

Being constantly bombarded with ‘thanks, but no thanks’ responses is enough to make anyone feel as if they aren’t good enough. However, instead of dwelling on this, take it as an opportunity to ask for feedback and refine yourself.

There are tons of free resources out that cover topics such as, ‘how to prepare for an interview’, ‘how to be confident in an interview’ and ‘how to write a CV’, to name a few.

Polishing up your skills and online profiles can, not only boost your confidence, but allows you to reflect on your previous experience to help you improve your chances of scoring an interview.

2. Explore the options out there

Don’t look at job searching as a negative experience, instead get excited about the endless possibilities and new opportunities you will receive. There are multiple opportunities out there, you just need to look.

Think about the reasons why you are wanting to leave your current job, what you enjoyed or disliked about your previous roles and what you’ve always wanted to pursue. This could lead you on an entirely different career path and into something you truly enjoy and thrive in.

3. Sign up to a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies offer a free service for anyone that is seeking new employment opportunities. Signing up to a recruitment agency can be a great way of discovering new job roles that you may have initially missed.  With this extra help, you can boost your chances of finding the perfect role. Throughout the recruitment process, you often find yourself reflecting on skills and experience that you didn’t realise you have. With this renewed insight into your abilities, you will be put forward for roles that are more suited to your skillsets.

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4. Get into a routine

If you have recently lost your job, getting yourself into a routine can aid your mental health and positivity, ensuring that you remain busy and focussed. Creating a routine is a great way to keep active and motivated during your job searching journey.

Whether you start your day off with a morning walk, taking time to learn a new skill or developing on your existing ones, this kind of dedication is always highly regarded to employers.

5. Engage and Network

There’s a lot of truth to the saying, ‘It’s who you know, not what you know’ which leads to the next point, networking. Networking is especially helpful when it comes to looking for a new job. Talking to people who share a common interest is always a great way to discover new opportunities as they can relate to your current situation.

There are a variety of networking events that you can join and you can find them on websites such as Eventbrite and MeetUp.

6. Take a step back and enjoy some downtime

Looking after yourself is the most important aspect when applying for jobs. Being in the right mindset when looking for a new job is essential. Rejection is inevitable and can decrease one’s confidence and motivation. When you’re feeling demotivated, take some time out from the job search. Don’t burn yourself out and remember to take a step back, reflect and most importantly, stay positive.

7. Practise makes perfect

Writing applications, tailoring CVs, and doing interviews are all regarded as skills and as the old saying goes, practise makes perfect. Okay sure, your interview may go badly, but don’t take this as a negative thing. Instead use each interview and application as a learning curve and build yourself up, learning from each experience.

Which leads us onto our next point which is…

8. Don’t take anything personally

You may have found your dream job, but you’ve just received the heart-breaking news that you weren’t chosen for the position. This is not a reflection of your self-worth, value or experience and it certainly is not saying that you aren’t good enough!

When businesses are looking to hire a new employee, they have a checklist of skills, requirements, and highly desired characteristics they wish to see in their potential candidates. Unfortunately, someone may check all the boxes in places you fall short, and this is just ‘purely business’.

We are strong believers in what is meant to be will always find its way, and if you don’t get accepted in a job, it may not have been the job that was right for you.

9. Remember that you are amazing

Stop right there and get off the train to ‘Self Doubt’. Maintaining your positivity is difficult when you’ve been declined many times, but don’t forget that everything about you, is uniquely you! Show yourself some love and celebrate your skills, knowledge, experience and unique quirks.

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