How a regional specialist recruiter can save your business time and money

Are you looking to recruit top talent in the East Midlands? There are a number of benefits of using a regional specialist recruiter in order to help with the hiring process as opposed to entering the hiring market alone…

Access to top-performing talent in the East Midlands

There are approximately 4.8m people living in East Midlands and the current employment rate in the East Midlands is 75.4%, so with many professionals already in employment, the market for recruiting the best talent is extremely competitive. This is where we come in!

Our team have access to a much wider talent pool, consisting of high-quality candidates that we have close, established relationships with. As a hiring business, this automatically puts you in a more advantageous position.

Quick hiring processes

When recruiting, employers constantly come across the scenario of discovering their top choice candidate has accepted a job with another company, after taking too long with the hiring process.

By using a local recruitment agency, the long-winded process is condensed immediately. One of our many benefits is providing a quick and efficient process to recruitment. We review multiple CV’s quickly and efficiently alongside a quality-driven interview process that ensures you meet and hire top qualified candidates in no time.  We only send candidates that are available to work in your area, have been interviewed face-to-face personally by ourselves, and meet your exact specifications. This minimises the time filtering through CVs, enabling the best candidate to be found in the shortest time possible.

Right company culture fit

Forming a strong, on-going working rapport with a specialist local recruitment company could give you the upper hand in hiring top talent. We always aim to personally visit your company to get an insight in to your company culture. With familiarity on your company culture, hiring style and candidate preferences, we can guarantee a quick and efficient hiring process, finding the best suited candidates.

Stay on top of remuneration trends for the East Midlands

Express Recruitment have been looking after our clients for over 30 years and have an established talent pool of registered professionals. However, they are still looking for an enticing and competitive offer. Your business needs to know how to create a competitive offer that will seal the deal.

Based in the heart of the East Midlands, we have unique insight into the remuneration offering for the local market, and as part of our service we can help you create an attractive package that makes you stand out. By keeping on top of remuneration trends, you will also keep your existing employees happy too!

Contact me on 0115 924 0010 at our Nottingham office for more details on the business benefits of working with a regional specialist recruiter, and how you can get started.

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