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5 Reasons why you SHOULD get an Office Dog!

Express Recruitment wouldn’t be the same without our Chief Employee Relations Doggo Winnie, and all of the other dogs that gracefully prance through the doors every week! There are 100s! So why are our Recruitment Consultants so ‘doggy daft’…? 1. Supports staff wellbeing Feeling stressed in the office? Multiple international studies have proven that office […]

The ‘Express’ way to get hired

Are you wanting to get out of your current role or ready to take a leap and start a new challenge? Here’s what you need to do to get hired quickly and efficiently: Register with a local recruitment agency The most efficient way to get hired fast is to get someone else to start looking […]

Tales of the New Office Manager!

Thinking of a change of career? Do it! As someone who has never worked in an office environment before, I was apprehensive about going from a career in hospitality management with obscure working hours and not knowing what a weekend was, to the 9-5 life. Turns out, it was the best career decision I have […]


Practice or industry – the age old Accounting question. It’s a decision that splits the Accountancy world, with valid positive and negative reasons spouting from professionals on both sides of the fence. As a Consultant specialising in Accountancy roles, I decided it was time to put my own opinion out there, no doubt join the […]